Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top of a Piano III

Update on the piano.

I have no mirror now :(


My little nephew threw a ball and it happen to hit the mirror. 

It fell, scratched my floors, and broke a few little mirrors. :(

I wonder if I could find little replacement mirrors that are about 1" in diameter?

I did add a few little details to the top

A cute little star fish and a little bird cage that I got at a thrift shop for $1.29

(I'm planing on spray painting it white and distressing it a little)

But I don't know if I'll ever be able to replace the mirror

I fell in love with it

Now I'm so heartbroken!

Now the picture frame looks like it doesn't belong there...

I guess it's a never-ending journey ;)

I like it.



  1. Oh how sad for your mirror. :( Maybe you could make one of those diy starburst mirrors as a replacement. =)

  2. it's so sad when you love some home decor thing and it gets broken. when my dear head fell off the wall I wanted to have a funeral.

  3. Still can't believe it. That mirror was beautiful. :( You can also look to see if there are other mirrors or big picture frames that you can hang there. :)