Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Contest

My dear bloggy friends :)

I submitted a story of the sweetest thing my hubby, then boyfriend did for me in 2004 for a Valentines Day Contest :)

The winner will win a FREE photo shoot!! How fun! Oh an not to mention, with the most talented photographer in the world!!!

My submition is one of top 4!!!

It would be soo nice of you to vote for me :)

Please visit Dina Chmut Photography, and like her page.

Than, click here, and "like" my entry! (Entry #1)

Here is my story :)

Please click on photo to enlarge

Thank you so much my dearests!!! 



  1. Crossing my fingers for you. I will go check it out and vote! Good luck!

  2. What an amazing story.... wAw...

  3. I vote for you! I read that in tears..


  4. Vicky, oh how i loved your story! It truly is a love story like no other! I voted for you as well, and hope you win