Thursday, February 17, 2011

Elephant Wall Mount

I have been spotting lots of deer heads that are mounted on the wall in many homes :)

No, not just cabins ;)

Image via decor pad

or this...

It has become quite a trend! 

Sorry, but it's totally not me.

Well so I though....

I was invited to a friends house and I saw this:

Oh! It's magnificent! And sooo beautiful!

I wish I had my "real" camera to take a picture that would do more justice to this Elephant Head!

According to my friend, it was imported from ??Uh, i can't remember!

I always saw deer heads, but never came across Elephant Heads!

Turns out, they're just as trendy as the Deer Heads!


I honestly don't think I'll ever have one of these heads in my home, but it sure did catch my eye!

There is a great post and a cute DIY on this subject!

Hop on over to Sabbe Spot, Stephanie is amazing! You'll love her blog!

Is it in India where Elephants are really loved? 

I think so :)

Hope your week is going great!



  1. Hi Vicky,
    I just saw your comment on my blog. Thank you so much for the compliments, I really love knowing that people like what I write about. Sounds like we also have much in common. Hope to make blog friends with you :) Look forward to reading your blog.

  2. thanks for the shout out! The W store had a cardboard elephant I almost bought for the baby's room, but went with a deer instead. You can take the girl out of the south...

  3. I haven't seen elephant heads either! How cool!

  4. Love your blog design. But guess what? The elephant head did not show up...just a ?

    But I will check out your other posts....
    Mary Ann

  5. I can see the elephant now. Very cool.
    Mary Ann
    Following you!