Monday, February 14, 2011

Craigslist Find!

I was in a great mood scanning through Craigslist a few days after my post here.

I was so inspired!!!

Craigslist has AMAZING deals, you just have to be looking at the right time. lol 

So...yesterday, I got a pair of these AMAZING End Tables from Potter Barn!

Detailed View

These were in Excellent condition for..

drum roll please....


 Ahh!! I am soo excited!!! While I was there, chatting with the seller, 7 people called him about it! 

I'm so glad I called within minutes of it's posting!

These look amazing in my "not yet finished" Living room!!! :)

Ok, please don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging, I'm simply showing proof that there are AMAZING deals out there! You just have to be patient to find the right piece, and act FAST!  

My CL Tips

Always refresh your browser, or press "search" every couple minutes to get the "freshest" deals.

Now, do your research, know what you're looking for and how much it's worth. 

Just because it says Potter Barn style, doesn't mean it's from Pottery Barn :)

Always act FAST.
Here is an example.

A few days ago, I came upon 2 beautiful leather ottomans in forest green :) 

Perfect for my office.

I emailed back and forth with the seller and said I will get back to her after I talk to my hubby.

Hubby was working and called me back in a few hours.

He totally loved them and approved!

I emailed back and said I'd like to come purchase them tonight.

The seller replies: Just Sold.

This was only 3 hours later!!!


This is what I missed out on!

Seller was asking $80 for both. He/She purchased them for $100 each.
Please notice that the pictures are not that great, but this is where you, as the buyer score!!!

I couldn't find anything like that online. If you have any idea on where they're from, please let me know!

I apologize for such a long post.

I hope it was helpful.
Have a wonderful Monday!

Happy <3 Day!



  1. Yay, how exciting for you! What a great find! =)