Thursday, January 27, 2011

New York & Company

Yesterday, New York & Company had an awesome deal!
Like them of Facebook and get $50 off $100!! :O

I had to go!

My dear friend introduced the store to me last month, we don't have it here in Portland. Only in Vancouver, where I rarely go to shop.

So this is what i got :)

Two-In-One Chiffon Front Tie Cardigan

Flower Appliqué Cardigan

Velour Zip Hoodie Jacket

Velour Zip Hoodie Jacket and Pants

AND  a pair of glass :)

All for under $50!!!

This is officially one of my favorite stores!!!

Please share your awesome deals and favorite places to shot! I'd love to hear it!



  1. I LOVE that pink top! It's a summer look and still nice and warm - perfect for those people who can't wait for Summer to begin... Thats me! haha :)

  2. wow! good job! too bad you didn't stop by your dear friends