Friday, May 20, 2011

Missed you!

I have missed you dear blog land!

It's been pretty crazy around here!

My now 6th month old is not sleeping so much during the day, and almost 3 year old is...well...a 3 year old :)

Seems like my days are filled with laundry, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, and than all over again! lol

I have been trying to figure out what to do with my life,,,,besides being a mother and a wife, of-course!

I'm one of those late bloomers, thinking what I want to accomplish this year; which many of you have done that before the new year, and possibly already accomplished!

My home has been changed up a bit over the past month. I'm hoping to post our new dining room table (which I LOVE) Sam's room, and a few little spots around our home :)

Besides all that laundry and cleaning, I have been networking with local women here in Portland :) 

Networking and connecting has always been my passion, plus, it's great to get out!

I'm enjoying the weather as much as I can, they say it's going to rain all next week here in the North West! 

It's good for our gardens though :)

Many blessings!!


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  1. My garden is ready for sun! Come on sun!!!! Where are you?!!!