Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Dear Friends!

Easter is the most important holiday for us :)

It's definitely not about the Easter Bunny!

It's when Jesus died for our sins, and resureccted to give us life :)

It's so amazing that He has done that for you and I.

I cannot fully comprehend His love for us!
So many times I hurt Him in so many ways! 

Yet He still calls me His child.

I feel honored, and so blessed, to be loved and cared for by the God of the Universe.

This film is so amazing in capturing the glimpse of what had happened.

What does Easter mean to you?

Happy Easter :)

May the resurrected Jesus, resurrect in your heart :)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chair Re-DO

First off, I want to apalojize to all my readers about my inconsistency.

This whole blogging thing is really hard!

I seriously don't know how ya'll do it!


We had a few chairs that my sonny decided to poke through with a fork after dinner.

It took me a while to start the project, so they were like this for a few weeks..

I unscrewed the cushion and ripped off the vinyl.

Got this Vinyl at Wal-Mart. Just enough to cover 2 chairs.

 Hubby did all the work :)

He used a blow dryer to help with the stretching.
I have never seen anyone do that before. I guess it helped with stretching?

 After we were done stapling, we cut off the excess vinyl.

With the finished product looking like this.

 I will try my best to post more.

I am really working on time management around here.

It has been very challaging.

I'm always everywhere, thrifting, shopping, play-dates, meetings, at a friends, at sisters...oh the list goes on.

What helped you manage your time?

Hope your week is off to a great start!